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Off Road Rider TV – 13 Episodes of Pure Adrenaline!

Phalanx Film Works Inc. presents Off Road Rider TV, a half-hour magazine-style series that explores the world of off road motorcycle riding and competition. Each week Off Road Rider TV will feature stories ranging from the extreme competition of Motocross, Supercross, Areanacross, Endurocross, Competition Enduro, Trails to the weekend warrior rider. With the latest in news, reviews, interviews, tech and fitness tips from the pros, and new manufactures motorcycle model tests, Off Road Rider TV will take the audience to some of the best places to ride off road motorcycles.
"Off road riding has really taken off in the last 5 years. Its tremendous growth is due to the sport becoming more of a lifestyle rather than an individual sport! The audience numbers have increased to a fan base that range from young kids starting at 5 years to adults of 35-50 years of age." - Nathan Naslund - Public Relations & Racing Manager - Suzuki Canada Inc.

"The media exposure that Motocross and Supercross races receive in Canada and the USA has made the sport a family activity where it involves husband and wife, boyfriend/girlfriend and kids! A few years ago there was not a dedicated motocross magazine in Canada, now we have 3 publications dedicated to motocross and off road riding". - Dean Thompson - Team Coordinator - Blackfoot Yamaha Fox Racing

"Women in the motorcycle community are the largest growth segment in today's consumer market. The past trend was 90% male and 10% female riders in the motorcycle community. Today those numbers have changed dramatically to a 40-45% female use and interest in motorcycling". - Shauna Szewczuk - Marketing Coordinator - Parts Canada
In 2006, the Canadian MotoSport Racing Club (CMRC) started the woman's motocross series to coincide with the man's pro series. Every year more women take up the sport of motocross, one of the fastest growing sports today. Now we have over 70 women lining up bar to bar on the line to race for the championship.

Off Road Rider TV isn't solely interested in shooting the actual race events, but rather what goes on behind the scenes. We'll take the viewing audience to the pits of the multi-million dollar professional race teams to hear from the racers on what it takes to be competitive. Talk to the mechanics that prepare the machines and learn their trade secrets that put them at the top of the sport. Talk to the motorcycle manufactures about how they've improved their product for the professional rider and the amateur. Product reviews and interviews with the after-market performance suppliers and find out what's new in the large off road market place.

Off Road Rider TV will also look at the more then 50 year history of the sport of motocross and the treasure-trove of compelling human interest stories about the legends of motocross or the historic events that brought them fame.

There isn't a half hour television program being broadcast in Canada or the USA today that solely focuses on the off road motorcycle market. We have a number of shows that feature on road motorcycles or even four-wheeled ATVs. It's just a matter of time before the North American television market catches up with what the Australian Television market has had for ten seasons with MXTV.

The only advertising outlet currently available for the manufactures and after-market performance suppliers is to advertise periodically on televised Motocross or Supercross events or one of the approximately 25 off road magazines published in Canada or the USA. The fact that this sport, whether it be an out-door motocross event to a Stadium Supercross series, brings in crowds of well over 70 thousand spectators per event speaks volumes to where this sport is going. Supercross series racing with its hero like superstar racers has been described as "The new NASCAR. Just ten years behind."

The advertising opportunities for this style of program that reaches such a focused demographic of viewer goes far beyond the motorcycle community. It is this reason that advertisers like Red Bull and Monster Energy Drinks to West 49 have jumped on the motocross corporate sponsor's band wagon.